Local Waterjet Cutting Business Expands

DSG Waterjets are now the UK’s official provider of the WARDJet waterjet cutting machines. DSG have a premises in Chorley, Lancashire in the North West of England but cover the whole of the UK. The experienced and highly trained engineers will travel to your site, wherever you are located, to supply, fit and train on the use of these interesting machines.

The engineers at DSG Waterjets know all there is to know about the waterjet industry as they have all completed extensive training around the world. All the team hold the relevant engineering degrees and most importantly hold a large amount of experience in handling and working with waterjet cutting machines.

DSG are very proud to be the UK’s official distributer of the WARDJet machine as they have completed training around different states of America. DSG Waterjet have recognised that the WARDKit is amazing value for money and therefore wanted to supply them to the people of the UK.

DSG Waterjet engineers claim that the WARDKit offers high quality, like other waterjets machines, however doesn’t come with the expensive price tag. Usually when something is significantly cheaper, you’d expect the quality to decrease too. However, DSG have ensured that they offer the same standard of quality and the only reason that the cost is reduced so much is because you are essentially buying a kit, rather than a machine, that can then be built yourself (or by the experts at DSG Waterjets).

The WARDKit is also smaller in size than most waterjets, therefore doesn’t take up as much space and it is extremely easy to assemble.

DSG Waterjet don’t only supply and assemble the WARDKit, they also offer training to their clients to ensure the user can use the machine with confidence.
If you want more information on the WARDKit or any waterjet cutting machines then visit, the UK’s official distributers.


Ben Rose Estates Charity Workout-athon

Several ladies and gentlemen in Chorley have kick started the year and stuck to their New Year’s Resolution to keep fit by taking part in a workout-athon, whilst raising a large amount of money for the local charity, Rainbow House, an amazing cause.

The event was support by a few businesses in Chorley, one being Ben Rose Estate Agents.  Ben Rose Estate Agents are not only extremely generous, but do internet marketing across almost 30 different internet portals (including Rightmove, Prime Location and Zoopla) and offer a great value for money service, making them one of the most successful estate agents in Chorley.

The workout-athon event included a variety of fun (but tiring!) workouts including Les Mills Body Combat and Body Attack, Zumba and Insanity, all provided by qualified and experienced fitness instructors and it all took place at Park Hall, Chorley.

Almost 150 people participated in this workout-athon, raising over £1800.00 for the local charity.  This amount of money will make a massive difference to the charity as it will allow them to not only enhance the health, education and physical well-being of children, young people and adults with neurological conditions but to also help and support families.

The Chief Executive of Rainbow House, Carole Cochrane, has thanked Ben Rose Estate Agents and Park Hall for their support and to everyone involved in making the event such a huge success. We would personally like to thank Ben Rose Estates Agents in Chorley for their sweat, tears and laughter, all the aid of charity.


Monster Calls at Rivington Pike

Lancashire residents had reasons to smile following the successful filming of A Monster Calls, at Rivington Pike, near Chorley. Shooting of the film began in 2014 and it features a star-studded Hollywood cast that includes the likes of Lewis MacDougall, Liam Neeson, Sigourney Weaver and Felicity Jones. After two years of waiting, the movie finally premiered in the United Kingdom on January 1, 2017. Lancashire residents can now take pride in viewing their hometown and familiar settings on silver screens. Even though it took quite a long time to release the movie, film and movie enthusiasts concur that it was worth the wait.

Poster of A Monster Calls filmA Monster Calls is a fantasy drama movie based on a novel with the same name. The movie relays a story of a 13 year old boy, Conor, who has his hands full, as he struggles to deal with life situations that are too much for him to bear. Conor has an ailing mother on one side and his estranged father, strict grandmother and school bully on the other side. As he tries tocome toterms with his struggles, he encounters a story-telling monster, with which they develop a rapport.

The movie has been receiving rave reviews from film enthusiasts and critics alike. Since its release, it has accumulated an approval rating of more than 87 %. As at January 8, 2017, the movie had a gross of $ 36 million. Projections suggest that its gross income will surpass the production budget of $ 43m within the first month, since its release.

A Monster Calls has put Chorley on the map and local businesses stand to benefit from an economic windfall thanks to the prospective visitors who will be streaming to the town. Councillor Peter Wilson, the deputy council leader did not hide his delight at the opportunities the film has created.

Featured image: By Francis Franklin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


The Pulsating Nightlife of Chorley

Are you a fan of clubbing and night parties? Then a visit to Chorley would be ideal for you. Located in Lancashire, England, it is a market town with a very interesting and vibrant nightlife, for a town its size. Renowned for its calm streets during the day and a vibrant atmosphere during the night, it is the ultimate destination for nightlife lovers and partygoers. Its population of slightly over 30,000 residents, as per the last census, would surprise you for a town with such a pulsating nightlife.

Whether you are looking for a quiet late night restaurant or Applejax, the town’s pulsating nightclub, Chorley is home to numerous spots. For those who love going to the theatre, the town will not disappoint. With a venue you can visit during the day and night. Whether you are looking for a spot playing your favourite music, like the Rose & Crown or seeking tickets to view your favourite show, you will not be disappointed. Do not worry about security, for the town has well-lit streets, coupled with a very low crime rate. Additionally, police officers are always on patrol to ensure the safety of visitors and the locals alike.

Grab a laugh at the Chorley Little Theatre for rib-cracking comedy or view interesting films at the cinema halls. Crossover to the White Heart for a couple of drinks and if you are feeling hungry, The Sea View Restaurant offers some delicious meals. For revellers who love new spots, then The Latch and Speak Easy micro-pubs are the place for you. Whether you are in Lancashire for a short visit or a long vacation, or simply looking for a weekend getaway, then Chorley is the place for you. The next time you are looking for a memorable nightlife experience, remember to add the town in your itinerary.

Unfortunately the George Pub is no longer open after a recent fire gutted the building. We send our sincere condolancies to Paul and his staff.


Despair For Passengers as Chorley Train Lines Closed

It was all misery for passengers when it was announced by Network Rail on May 2016 that the Chorley train lines would remain closed for renovations and upgrading. The Railway management saw it fit to upgrade to electric lines, to improve on passenger travel times. The announcement of the temporary closure did not go down well with train passengers, as they saw it as an interruption to their travel arrangements. Initially, the project was to last for only a few months until the end of December 2017, but according to Network Rail, the project will run until May 2018. Commuters will now have to make necessary travel arrangement to avoid any inconveniences.

These upgrades coincides with Lindsay Hoyles recent discussion to make the new platform accessible for disabled access. Something not currently listed in the new schemes plans.

The Chorley train lines link Lancashire passengers to Preston, Manchester and Bolton. Although the train lines have been serving commuters well over the years, slow travel times and delays have always been an issue. In 2009, the Department of Transport announced an ambitious £1b plan to electrify all train lines within the UK including Chorley train lines. The implementation of this plan has led to temporary closure of train lines and has affected early morning and late evening train services. During the upgrade process, weekend train services from Preston to Manchester will be diverted at Wigan. However, bus replacements are available to transport commuters transiting between Bolton and Preston.

Despite the uproar, commuters stand to benefit from upgraded train lines. They will not only enjoy faster travel times but also witness an increase in train services. In fact, the upgrade process also includes refurbishing the amenities at Chorley Railway Station. The station will have two new platforms for passengers travelling to Preston and Manchester, respectively. Additionally, the roofs over the subways will undergo replacing and an elevator installed for persons with disabilities. Contrary to what most commuters believe, the upgrade process will be in phases, meaning the closure will only be temporary.


Chorley Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Unit Reopens

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“Chorley accident and emergency closes,” this was the headline for most of the local dailies when the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust recommended that Chorley Hospital’s accident and emergency department be closed. This was occasioned by shortage of emergency doctors, which was putting the lives and well-being of patients in critical conditions at risk as most of them could not get immediate attention.

The hospital has finally re-opened its accident and emergency unit after nine months of inactivity. The department was closed on Monday 18th April last year and it was replaced with the urgent care center, which could only provide treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. News about its closure was however not well received by everyone and some locals formed a concerted campaign to oppose the move. Since then, on every Saturday morning dozens and in some instances hundreds of protestors could be seen outside the hospital, demanding for the 24-hour service to be re-instated at the department.

However, the management clarified that this was just a short-term measure which was caused by a shortage of professional staff that were required to attend to patients in serious emergency situations. The reopening of the department on 18th January this year came as great news for most of Chorley residents who have had to seek other alternatives in emergency situations. For instance, most of them opted for, or could be directed to Royal Preston Hospital, which is the nearest option that has a well-equipped accident and emergency unit operating 24 hours seven days a week.

However, it is important to note the accident and emergency unit at Chorley Hospital has just been partially reopened as it will be operating from 8am to 8pm and it will be running alongside the 24-hour urgent care center. With the trust’s commitment to secure additional stuff, residents could see the unit becoming fully operational 24/7 again.