Local Waterjet Cutting Business Expands

DSG Waterjets are now the UK’s official provider of the WARDJet waterjet cutting machines. DSG have a premises in Chorley, Lancashire in the North West of England but cover the whole of the UK. The experienced and highly trained engineers will travel to your site, wherever you are located, to supply, fit and train on the use of these interesting machines.

The engineers at DSG Waterjets know all there is to know about the waterjet industry as they have all completed extensive training around the world. All the team hold the relevant engineering degrees and most importantly hold a large amount of experience in handling and working with waterjet cutting machines.

DSG are very proud to be the UK’s official distributer of the WARDJet machine as they have completed training around different states of America. DSG Waterjet have recognised that the WARDKit is amazing value for money and therefore wanted to supply them to the people of the UK.

DSG Waterjet engineers claim that the WARDKit offers high quality, like other waterjets machines, however doesn’t come with the expensive price tag. Usually when something is significantly cheaper, you’d expect the quality to decrease too. However, DSG have ensured that they offer the same standard of quality and the only reason that the cost is reduced so much is because you are essentially buying a kit, rather than a machine, that can then be built yourself (or by the experts at DSG Waterjets).

The WARDKit is also smaller in size than most waterjets, therefore doesn’t take up as much space and it is extremely easy to assemble.

DSG Waterjet don’t only supply and assemble the WARDKit, they also offer training to their clients to ensure the user can use the machine with confidence.
If you want more information on the WARDKit or any waterjet cutting machines then visit, the UK’s official distributers.