The Pulsating Nightlife of Chorley

Are you a fan of clubbing and night parties? Then a visit to Chorley would be ideal for you. Located in Lancashire, England, it is a market town with a very interesting and vibrant nightlife, for a town its size. Renowned for its calm streets during the day and a vibrant atmosphere during the night, it is the ultimate destination for nightlife lovers and partygoers. Its population of slightly over 30,000 residents, as per the last census, would surprise you for a town with such a pulsating nightlife.

Whether you are looking for a quiet late night restaurant or Applejax, the town’s pulsating nightclub, Chorley is home to numerous spots. For those who love going to the theatre, the town will not disappoint. With a venue you can visit during the day and night. Whether you are looking for a spot playing your favourite music, like the Rose & Crown or seeking tickets to view your favourite show, you will not be disappointed. Do not worry about security, for the town has well-lit streets, coupled with a very low crime rate. Additionally, police officers are always on patrol to ensure the safety of visitors and the locals alike.

Grab a laugh at the Chorley Little Theatre for rib-cracking comedy or view interesting films at the cinema halls. Crossover to the White Heart for a couple of drinks and if you are feeling hungry, The Sea View Restaurant offers some delicious meals. For revellers who love new spots, then The Latch and Speak Easy micro-pubs are the place for you. Whether you are in Lancashire for a short visit or a long vacation, or simply looking for a weekend getaway, then Chorley is the place for you. The next time you are looking for a memorable nightlife experience, remember to add the town in your itinerary.

Unfortunately the George Pub is no longer open after a recent fire gutted the building. We send our sincere condolancies to Paul and his staff.